Isuzu Service Agreement

The agreement starts from the date you sign it and expires when the last vehicle has reached its end date within the appropriate time. Under the agreement, Isuzu has certain obligations to you in providing the level of service you select (selected services), but you also have obligations to Isuzu. These are defined in clauses 3 and 4 of the agreement. This agreement is not intended to in any way infringe the standard plant warranty of a vehicle, which contains conditions that may deviate from this agreement and cannot be excluded under the ACL. The level of selected services you have provided by a member of the authorized Isuzu network (Isuzu network) may include exclusions subject to the agreement. In addition to choosing a specific level of service in your agreement, you can also select additional options for repairing or replacing tires and/or windshields (options). Depending on the option chosen, prices can be included either in the monthly tax or for an additional price. Your Isuzu representative can tell you the prices and options. Isuzu Priority Total relies on the basic agreement with internal diagnosis and full authorized maintenance for all engine components, gearboxes, brakes, suspensions and all electrical components. This only applies if you have a lease-purchase or leasing agreement. You will be assured that only the new Isuzu warranted parts will be installed during the service.

Your service is provided by a trained and qualified Isuzu service technician. According to Bill Holland, National Service Manager of Isuzu Australia Limited, the new three-tier service contract structure simplifies truck maintenance for Isuzu customers. You can use your prepaid service with any of our Isuzu Utes service resellers as part of the interpersonal setting and processing. To view them, please visit our page dealers. Managing a fleet or running your own truck business can be as stressful as it is. There`s nothing more important than maintaining a healthy fleet, which is why we`ve created a “stress-free” service at Isuzu Priority. Knowing that the vital element of your business is under control and is in good hands, it offers real security and allows you to spend more time doing what you can do best, which is to build and grow your business.