Ssen Connection Agreement

We need land rights to install our equipment on private land and then use, wait and renew it. All land rights must be present before installing and animate a connection to our network. If you are looking for a new electrical connection for a small project (it`s all 1 to 4 residential spaces or small areas), we are here to guide you through the networking process. The following information tells you how you apply for a connection and how the login process works. Tipping Point is a new connection option available to customers. During the design process, customers can now reduce their capacity to the tipping point – the point where a connection can be established without the need for reinforcement work. This is the case of any compound that triggers work to strengthen the EHV. You can update your app at no extra cost and in the same time scale as a standard offer. In July 2020, SSEN Transmission launched a virtual consultation exhibition to gather feedback and feedback on our proposals to supply and export renewable energy to Yell and Mainland Shetland, developing and building transportation links with the Kergord substation and the HVDC wall station. Parts of our distribution network are limited, which may mean that your connection may affect the transportation network. In this case, an application with the Transportation Network Manager (TSO) is required to determine the impact of your connection.

All legal permissions and approvals must be available before installing and revitalizing a new connection to our network. To enable these connections, the following project elements are required: Application for Unmurnated Connections Services (new connections, transmissions and separations) Application for residential connections Below you will find our Guide to Community Connections. This guide is for non-technical people who wish to receive an electrical connection for new municipal production programs. It offers helpful tips, an introduction to the network and a step-by-step process guide to connecting. We`ve also created the step-by-step guide for you to download that you can find on the right side of this page. Once you are aware of the extent of your ration link, you will find the application forms above. Application for new connections or load increases for industrial and commercial development We have an Accuracy Scheme relationship which is a mechanism that allows you to challenge the accuracy of a connection offer. For more information, click on the link below: Our new login manuals will give you all the necessary information about the login request.